The Paintings

The treasure now,
The story's told
Set for eternity
In days of old
But Man
His numbers quickly grew
And so the Fair Folk come to you
With their challenge and a pact:
To match twelve verses
With the sight
Of paintings twelve in colorlight.
A pair will lead you to a casque
A little digging is the task
For treasures shining, moonglow, amber,
Emeralds dark and ruby embers.
To find the keys is your reward
For fairy, peace the real accord.

For 35 years, readers have tried to discover the locations of Byron's buried keys. It appears that armchair sleuths have successfully narrowed the search to specific cities for most of the remaining paintings, though no one has dug up a key since 2004.

Click on a painting to look closer...

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Painting 1

Painting 2

Painting 3

Painting 4 ***SOLVED***

Painting 5 ***SOLVED***

Painting 6

Painting 7

Painting 8

Painting 9

Painting 10

Painting 11

Painting 12

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