Verse 5


  1. OK here it goes tell me if I’m wrong
    Lane = Road by definition
    222 = Address of the Hotel Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City
    Arc of lights= looking south high up in the hotel you will see the lights of
    The Joan of Arc garden
    Weight and roots= lots of trees surround the gardens
    extend together
    Saved the site of = wall lining the inside of the garden
    granite walls
    Wind swept halls=?
    Citadel= Quebec cities Citadel
    Wingless bird = Bird is British slang for girl and Joan became a saint
    Born of ancient = Joan ( year 1430ish),had visions of Archangel Michael
    dreams of flight
    Beneath the only= Joan is standing up on the horse
    Standing member. The monument is at a lower level
    Of a forest. than the trees surrounding the garden
    To the south. = South of Joan of Arc monument are the public
    White stone closet. Toilets also known in French as water closet
    Or closet for short, bldg is white stone
    12 paces to the west = ? Could be 12 paces (30feet) west of the
    Get permission to dig= If you don’t you may end up in the big house
    The hints in the image or easy to apply to the site as well

  2. It says closest....not closet.