Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Governors Island

I wanted to share some photos I took last week during a quick trip to Governors Island. One treasure hunter recently sent me some theories about the island but couldn't check in person. I took the ferry out on a dreary day and walked the island for a couple hours. It used to be a Coast Guard case and the guardsmen and their families stayed on the small island. Their homes still stand as well as an abandoned movie theater and library.

From the north end of the island you can see everything in the last painting - the onion domes, the statue of Liberty, Battery Park. You can hear the "whirring" of helicopters heading to Wall Street. A lot lines up but I was unable to find a suitable dig spot. In fact much of the north end has been landscaped in the last few years. There's a concrete cabin over there with some odd metal art on the ground behind it.

The most promising lead was this monument to the Wright Brothers, a propeller that seems to match part of the woman's dress in the painting.

What do you think?