Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Secret on TV in 1983

Here's some classic footage of Eric Gasiorowski, Rob Wrobel, and David James, from local WLS-TV in Chicago, after they dug up one of Byron's keys in Grant Park in 1983.

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  1. Hi james, after watching the expedition unknown episode a few times i paused it (in 4k) on the painting of image 9 and noticed two thigs i could not see in the poor quality of my copy of the book. One, a fluer-de-lis on his chest which is blotched out in my book. Second, i see a mask hidden in the right side of his barrette hat. My thought is image 9 is new orleans. Fluer-de-lis is on the new orleans flag- also is the logo for the saints football team whose colors are the same as the only colors used in the painting, the mask in the barrette is a mardi gras mask, the barrette itself is french - the french quarter, there is a jazz note hidden in the flower on his chest- new orleans is known to be the birthplace of jazz, his neck resembles the shape of louisiana. Ive read others online think image 9 is either st louis or montreal. Id like to know your opinion on image 9. And i cant wait for your documentary to be released.